• First attempt at making a carrot cake, might need a second and third attempt as wel ;) haha. It wasn't bad, but not nearly as mouth-watering as it should so imma keep on baking!
  • On the look for some garden chairs for outdoor dinners and bbq's.
  • This is so cute! I made bunny a snackbox out of an empty egg-carton, cut some holes in it and filled it with hay/carrots/basil/etc. and he just lovvvves it!! He's never that into toys or hidden food type of things, so I'm super happy he likes this!
  • Love lighting the candles when it get's a little bit darker outside. (ps Pieter just came home after I lit the candles, check him standing out the window laughing at me taking an instagram picture, hihi ;)
  • After 4 years of being too scared to go by train, I have some anxiety going on and public transportation isn't one of my favs haha, so when I had to go by train the other week I bumped in to my sweet cousin and felt sooo relieved I didn't had to go all by myself ;) Thanks for being at the right place at the right time sweetie!! xxx
  • Love me some watermelon! Having it here as an after dinner snack with Pieter.
  • A lot of heavy machinery in our street lately, but they finally finished the pavement so no large sandbox in front of our home anymore yaaayy ;)
  • Out to dinner and a 3d movie afterwords in Eindhoven, with Lianne, Arnout and Pieter.
  • Tiny head, or freakishly large potatoe chip?? That's all I'm saying.. haha
  • Breakfast before work, wholeweat crackers with farmers salad and some OJ.
  • One of our best friends took us out to dinner and I had some delicious asparagus, verrrry seasonal ofcourse :)
  • Pieter cleaning our village-sign late at night, yup... that's my mann!
  • Filling up the pavement with sand (apparently you're supposed to do that yourself, so much for that..;) Not too bad when the sun is out I gotta say!
  • My grandpa turned 82 so all the family came together to go out to dinner and without a doubt, the men ordered some ribs :))
  • There was a tiny little barista scooter type of thing outside the restaurant and we just HAD to squeeze all of us in there hihi.
  • Hiiii mama, whatcha doing?!
  • Love having fresh flowers in the house.
  • Having a bit of Bruno going on, can't wait till the concert!!! Aaahhh :D
  • Zara room obligatory selfie ;) and I totally got that green skirt in the background!!
  • They delivered a huge bag (okay, they say big bag.. ;) of grit for our frontyard, this was followed by lots and lots of scooping that day.
  • Okay, so I told you about my avocado addiction? It's not over yet! Here a avocado/tomatoe/mozzarella salad with a basic lemon/olive oil dressing, delicious!!!
  • Still very much regretting not buying these jeans over at Zara the other day 'caus I didn't think they where special enough but I want them so bad right now! (if you come across them, they're the cigarette fit in a 34 please, thank u! :))
  • Me and my sweet neighbour participated in a carboot sale, it was our very first and even though it rained (A LOT!) we sold most of our things and plan on making this an annual event :)
  • Sheltering from the rain in the back of our car, still smiling though!




neon sneaker/plimsoll, bohemian bag with leather straps and slouchy green knit - Zara
As I'm sure you couldn't have missed it, there is a online-sale madness going on here on the web and the one from Zara is no exception! The excitement of getting the items you've spotted all season long but didn't get because of the pricetag, could actually become yours in the end.. Clicking my way through all the categories I was hoping to atleast find the perfect pair of black biker boots and even though I ordered these, they didn't turn out to be what I hoped. A lot of things are going back, but these 3 stuck around for a tiny space in my closet :)
Have you gotten anything from the online (or ofline) sales already?



dalmation blouse, jeans, leopard flats (on sale!) and necklace - H&M
Pinch one, pinch two... yup I'm definitely awake. When I got asked a couple of weeks ago if I wanted to do a recipe post for Fashionista magazine it did not take me long to send an e-mail back with a big giant YES I WOULD SO LOVE TO! And this weekend I received a copy (aaahhh!!!! :) It turned out so cool and I love the idea of a whole issue being dedicated to the blogosphere, it is so much fun to read!
You can get your copy online here and as from 25th of June it is in available in most bookstores and larger supermarkets.
I feel very humbled and honored as being one of the smaller blogs around, that they chose me to be part of their magazine. Thanks so much Fashionista and if you happen to come across it don't hesitate to let me know what you think! (and if you see me in person, be sure to say a quick hello :)
Let's have a great start of the week!



Just had to put this up before resting my head on my fluffy pillow and calling it a night. After being curious but also a bit hesitant about this 'green juice' hype that's been going on, you could already see on instagram, I finally gave it a go.

WHAT YOU  NEED? (for 2 large or 4 small glasses)
  • 200 grams watermelon cut in to chunks
  • 2 handfuls of spinach
  • as many icecubes as you like, till it has the thickness you like
  • a bit of fresh mint
  • tablespoon of honey
  1. Put the watermelon, spinach and mint in the blender and add the icecubes as you go along.
  2. add the honey to your taste and enjoyyyy your green juice!

Yes, it is that easy haha :) It is super delicious and refreshing and DOES NOT taste the way it looks, even the boy liked it. a lot.






Gooodmorning guys! How are you today? We've already had some serious thunder & lightning going on over here and I'm working a late shift today so let's hope it's gonna be an easy bikeride home later tonight (fingers crossed ;) Back to this blogpost, the kind people over at VOOMM contacted me for an interview and it is online as we speak! It is in Dutch, but  you can check it out right here.

Let me know what your thoughts are and have a great (and safe!) day.






So this happened, totally unexpected ofcourse.. Last Friday when Pieter had his last day at school in Eindhoven, presenting his graduation project, I decided to tag along and do a bit of shopping onn my owwnn. Lots of perks there by the way :

  • no guilty feelings when making your way to the changing room with the maximum allowed number of items (twice!)
  • toootally okay to try a simple pair of jeans 3 times and at the last moment decide you're NOT gonna get it
  • there's something strangely empowering about sitting down and having lunch on your own while reading a magazine, maxed out independant women thing if you ask me ;)

When Pieter came to meet me I instantly dragged him to the sneaker store since there was a crazy 2-for-1 kinda sale going on (pinching myself, is this for real??) He got himself some fiiinnee Nike Free Runs while I went for the Nike Air vintage. It's too hot to wear them today, but it won't take long for their first time out I promise :)



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  • Bunny and his papa checking out what's going on in the street :)
  • Finally tried out the hot chocolate soufflé from I heard sooo much about, and YES they. are. that. good. (especially with some fresh raspberries, damnnnn!! haha)
  • After a lot of going back and forth with our city authorities, our wooden fence we've so proudly put together this last year had to come down and make place for an Ivy one.
  • Moving day at work and it was CHAOS! But never laughed so hard before, seriously, tears running down my face and sore abs kinda things. Yup. It was a good week ;)
  • At the end of the day an almost empty space and our music kept sounding better and better!
  • I've heard a lot about coconut water and was super excited to try it out, however this one was a little bit to sour for my taste so I'm on the hunt for a sweeter one. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

  • Fiiiinally some summer(ish) temperatures over here to get my tanning started.
  • YAY!! We've got pavement! Haha, never thought about it before but having nothing but sand next to your door for more than a year makes you extremely thrilled about a pavement next to your house :)
  • So our Ivy fence isn't quite privacy-proof yet, but I'm sure it will be verrry pretty in a couple of seasons!

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Haaaiiii! The sun came out to play, so a quick post showing you my outfit (if it may even be called this much ;) On the agenda for today :

  • tanning / sipping on a tropical drink
  • some household chores (as much as I'd like them to go away on their own, still gotta do them myself, bummer! ;)
  • out to dinner with friends later this evening, ahhh I'm hoping it's gonna be an outdoors kinda one
  • oh yeah, and did I mention tanning??

Have a good one sweeties!


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Okay, so let's talk galaxy nails.. I've seen these pretty little works of art pass by on the internet but I always assumed they were done by a very crafty and skilled sweetie at the nail salon. Turns out : it's a DIY kinda thing! Yayy :) 
Now let's give it a go! What you need:
  • a dark colored nailpolish, black, dark blue, burgundy, whatever you've got
  • a good white nailpolish
  • a couple of bright colors, neon yellow, bright pink, a bit of galaxy purple, go crazy!
  • some toothpicks and bits of sponge (I cut off bits of a dishwashing sponge)
  • a clear top coat

How it works:
  1. Apply 2 thin layers of the dark color and let it dry.
  2. Take your white nailpolish and using the toothpick with a little piece of sponge at the end (you could also use some tweezers to hold the sponge, whatever works for you!) sponge on a galaxy-way across your nail. Make sure not to put too much polish on your sponge, you can use a paper towel to get rid of any excess polish.
  3. Now let's add some space dust in bright colors the same way using the sponge, going around the white and blending it in a bit. (you can also add some glitter polish in this step, very cool!)
  4. Time for stars! Take a toothpick and dip it in your white nailpolish and directly on to your nail, making bigger and smaller stars on to your nails.
  5. Make sure everything is dry and use remover to get rid of any misstakes, now top it off with a good coat of clear polish so everything becomes shiny and protected. That's it!

Trust me when I tell you it is wayyy easier than it seems! Just give it a go and let me know how it went.
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