Okay, so let's talk galaxy nails.. I've seen these pretty little works of art pass by on the internet but I always assumed they were done by a very crafty and skilled sweetie at the nail salon. Turns out : it's a DIY kinda thing! Yayy :) 
Now let's give it a go! What you need:
  • a dark colored nailpolish, black, dark blue, burgundy, whatever you've got
  • a good white nailpolish
  • a couple of bright colors, neon yellow, bright pink, a bit of galaxy purple, go crazy!
  • some toothpicks and bits of sponge (I cut off bits of a dishwashing sponge)
  • a clear top coat

How it works:
  1. Apply 2 thin layers of the dark color and let it dry.
  2. Take your white nailpolish and using the toothpick with a little piece of sponge at the end (you could also use some tweezers to hold the sponge, whatever works for you!) sponge on a galaxy-way across your nail. Make sure not to put too much polish on your sponge, you can use a paper towel to get rid of any excess polish.
  3. Now let's add some space dust in bright colors the same way using the sponge, going around the white and blending it in a bit. (you can also add some glitter polish in this step, very cool!)
  4. Time for stars! Take a toothpick and dip it in your white nailpolish and directly on to your nail, making bigger and smaller stars on to your nails.
  5. Make sure everything is dry and use remover to get rid of any misstakes, now top it off with a good coat of clear polish so everything becomes shiny and protected. That's it!

Trust me when I tell you it is wayyy easier than it seems! Just give it a go and let me know how it went.
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  1. I have tried this before and it is such an amazing technique and so simple to do.



    1. I know right! It really surprised me how easy it was, just took some patience ;) hihi

      Have a lovely day hun!

      xxx Daphne

  2. Prutswerk maar een geweldig resultaat!
    Naomi, x


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