• Bunny and his papa checking out what's going on in the street :)
  • Finally tried out the hot chocolate soufflé from I heard sooo much about, and YES they. are. that. good. (especially with some fresh raspberries, damnnnn!! haha)
  • After a lot of going back and forth with our city authorities, our wooden fence we've so proudly put together this last year had to come down and make place for an Ivy one.
  • Moving day at work and it was CHAOS! But never laughed so hard before, seriously, tears running down my face and sore abs kinda things. Yup. It was a good week ;)
  • At the end of the day an almost empty space and our music kept sounding better and better!
  • I've heard a lot about coconut water and was super excited to try it out, however this one was a little bit to sour for my taste so I'm on the hunt for a sweeter one. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

  • Fiiiinally some summer(ish) temperatures over here to get my tanning started.
  • YAY!! We've got pavement! Haha, never thought about it before but having nothing but sand next to your door for more than a year makes you extremely thrilled about a pavement next to your house :)
  • So our Ivy fence isn't quite privacy-proof yet, but I'm sure it will be verrry pretty in a couple of seasons!

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