strapless top - Primark // lace midi-skirt & strappy heels - Zara // leather belt - vintage

Hi sweeties! Thank you so much for the support in the previous battle MWAH!! (that is the official internet-slang for a big kiss ;) This is already the second round in the battle and I gotta say it is so much fun to participate! Getting a theme and putting together numerous outfits in your head, thinking about the styling and location, not that different from a regular outfitpost but somehow it totally is! haha..

This week's theme is "cocktail party" and it just felt like the perfect opportunity to take out my new mid-length Zara skirt and what's a cocktail party without a good pair of heels right?

It would mean the world to me if you would check out the battle and place your vote again :) It's sooo exciting haha. Check out the previous battle here and this week's battle right here!

Have a lovely day babes!



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