Once again I was doing my weekly grocery shopping and the sign 'NEW' popped in to my vision, I have such a weak spot for everything new.. even if it's just a new packaging ugh. But this was actually a new boxed mix, not just for one thing, but for a whole high tea including scones, brownies and muffins. Yes by the time I read that it was already in my shopping cart on its way to the cash register which eventually leads us to this post.
Last week me & my cousin Janine had a 'Beyoncé-dvd-sing a long-kinda-afternoon' which was totally awesome and will happen again real soon I'll tell you that! So I thought it would be nice to surprise her with this high tea. Just like in this review, I followed the exact steps on the box but added some bits and pieces to the mix.
  • The scones I left for what they were but I guess you could put some raisons or cranberries in them and it would taste superb!
  • I sprinkled some light brown sugar & cinnamon over the muffins just before baking to give them a bit of crunch and flavour.
  • For the brownies I added some chopped up dark chocolate to the batter and once they were baked & cooled down a bit, I decorated with some melted white chocolate.
Easy to make: YES!
Takes a lot of time: No, especially if you put the scones & muffins in at the same time.
Price: €2,49
Flavour: Very good, ofcourse it isn't the same as made from scratch but it also saves a lot of time!
Purchase again: Yes I definitely would.
Happy baking! And if you've tried this, sure let me know!




One of the things that are on the absolute top of my 'basic things for a home - list' are scented candles. Or anything scented that makes your house feel like a home that is. When we just moved in to our new place it felt a little bit weird, everything still smelled like paint and new furniture, and we hadn't gotten used to all the new sounds yet. At our old place, which was a tiny cottage of only 58 square meters, we loved to fragrance every room so the whole place had a subtle hint of apple/cinnamon. (which was totally our scent back then ;) At our new home, we followed the next steps :
  1. If you're living with someone, find a scent you're both comfortable with and that you feel like coming home to. For us, it was this lovely zingy orange but also herby wood-like scent that felt both masculine and feminine at the same time.
  2. We like to use a Home Perfume, it's perfect for when you've just cooked and want to get rid of any food smell, or when you have people coming over and want to freshen things up just that extra bit. Spray around the room and don't forget to lightly dust the curtains and pillows while you're at it.
  3. Invest in a nice larger candle, that you can lit and will fill up the room with the lovely scent you've picked out. Make sure it's the same one as your home perfume or one that matches it very well to keep things harmonised.
  4. Now let's play around. Depending on what season it is and mood you're in, you might want some different accents to your already basic home scent. We use a scent-chip burner (talked about it here) and tea lights to add light fruity accents like cotton, pear & red fruit during summer and warmer ones like cinnamon, vanilla & apple pie during the colder months.
It's all about having fun and building your own signature-scent that gives that feeling like, ahhh I'm home again, after a holiday or even a long day at work. I have also been checking out the candles from Diptyque online, but find it tricky to order a scent based on a description so I'm on the search for a store that sells them to have the real-life-smell-experience ;) If anyone knows, let me know!
Really hope you loved this post, I sure loved sharing my passion/obsession for all things scented with you!



Hellooo sweeties! Thanks so much for your sweet birthday wishes here up on the blog and on twitter/instagram, makes me smile from ear to ear :) Now let's talk about this goodie bag that the kind people over at Stylefruits put together especially for you guys to celebrate my birthday with you!

What's in it:

  • Essie nail polish in the colour 'sugar daddy', a beautiful soft pink.
  • A super fun Lazy Oaf canvas tote bag, there's more to this bag than the pictures are showing!
  • New Look  'Geeky cat' print scarf that will spice up A LOT of outfits.
  • Very pretty eye shadow palette by POPBeauty in purple tones.
  • A complete armparty by River Island, containing a friendship bracelet, beaded bracelets, a very cool bangle with leaf & cross pendants and some more.

All you have to do:

  1. Follow me on Bloglovin.
  2. Leave me a comment with your name and email address, letting me now you wanna win this goodiebag!
  3. If you wanna make an extra chance at winning these beauties, make a screen caption of this post (or repost one of my Instagram pics about this giveaway) and don't forget to mention @chocolatechipcouture while doing so :)



PS. Giveaway closes September 1st, winner will be announced the next day!



 lace & cotton top - Zara // cropped boyfriend jeans - Zara // belt - H&M
heels - Zara (old, also seen here!) // watch - Michael Kors
Good morning sweeties! Today's my birthday, so I'm not gonna type a lot right now but put on my fancy pants (or dress, who knows.. :) and start celebrating. I've also got a surprise for you guys to celebrate my birthday with you, but more on that tomorrow!



  • Fresh red fruit drinks to match my red sandals & shorts ;)
  • Pieter working on our wooden table for outdoor dining/playing boardames/having bbq's and a whole lot more. I just love having a craftsy boyfriend! 
  • Seriously addicted to makin jars of fresh fruit drinks during these summer days, here I'm makin one with strawberries and pink grapefruit.
  • Pieter had his birthday in July, but since it was on a weekday we decided to have a small celebration with family during the weekend and what's a party without decorations right?
  • Instead of getting a large cake we opted for blueberry and chocolate chip cupcakes that could stand on the table and everyone could just get whatever they liked, love this self serve cake option haha.
  • Glass jars with strawberries/grapefruit and fresh mint/cucumber for the table, super nice and refreshing when having your birthday on a hawwt day!
  • After a day of seeking coolness in the forest (check the blogpost here!) we sat down on a terrace and enjoyed a freshly baked bread with tapenade, aioli & herb butter. SO good!
  • My latest OBSESSION!! I've also had a thing for everything scented, the fragrance sticks, scented candles, the scented things you plug into a socket, you name it.. I've tried it. But when walking in to our local interior store (don't do this too often, it always costs us a lot of money going there haha ;) I spotted these scented chip burners and ever since I'm hooked and wanna stash up on all the different fragranced chips ahhh...
  • Later that week it was actually Pieter's birthday and I surprised him with a tiny bday-brunch for the 2 of us. 
  • Priceless look upon his face opening his card and in complete anticipation what's inside all of those wrappings :)
  • A couple of our neighbours came by later that evening to have a drink and celebrate so I made a small puff pastry pie with dark chocolate, vanilla cream and fresh strawberries. It eats VERY messy, but boy does it taste GOOD.
  • Pie & Presents!
  • The fun thing when it's your birthday when you're a kid, is choosing what to have for diner (ahhh the power in deciding what you wanted to eat, good times..) and even though we live on our own and ofcourse choose everyday what we want to eat, we normally try to eat balanced, lots of veggies and keep it a bit healthy, (still has to be very tasty don't get me wrong! ;) So when I asked Pieter what he wanted for his birthday he answered with a loud PIZZAAAHH!
  • Awesomely shaped hedges in the openlucht museum.
  • Everything in the 'open air museum' is authentic or recreated as it used to be years ago, they also had a tiny little shopping lane with this super cute grocery store sign!
  • Just another random day in the museum, milking a plastic cow, no bigie... (!!!)
  • No matter where we go, or how spectacular the thing is we're seeing, I'm always drawn towards all the birds flying/hopping around and loose sight of everything else around haha. (so yes, I kinda like birds, with them being tattooed all over my arm and such ;)
  • If we ever own a garden this size (totally realistic) I would copy this look exactly!
  • Had so much fun trying out all the old Dutch games kids used to do years ago.
  • Denim dungarees where NOT a good fashion choice on a hawt day, ahhh I longed for a pair of shorts that day haha ;)
  • Bunny-model Zoef having a casual 'O hey, there you are.. Hiii!' kinda moment in our living room.




When we go to Amsterdam, it's a whole day experience. It's a good one and a half hour drive so when we do decide to head out to that side of the country we take our time and have a mini-city-trip together! (last time here & here) I was actually in town for a meeting, but we spent the rest of the day walking around the streets of Amsterdam doing some shopping, Acne, Marks & Spencer, (gorgeous store! but a tad bit pricy..)  H&M etc., having some great food & drinks, Starbucks & Mazzo (I had to find out what all the fuzz was about :) but mostly just enjoyed a day out together.
Do you visit Amsterdam often or just like us make an entire day out of it when you do?