Once again I was doing my weekly grocery shopping and the sign 'NEW' popped in to my vision, I have such a weak spot for everything new.. even if it's just a new packaging ugh. But this was actually a new boxed mix, not just for one thing, but for a whole high tea including scones, brownies and muffins. Yes by the time I read that it was already in my shopping cart on its way to the cash register which eventually leads us to this post.
Last week me & my cousin Janine had a 'Beyoncé-dvd-sing a long-kinda-afternoon' which was totally awesome and will happen again real soon I'll tell you that! So I thought it would be nice to surprise her with this high tea. Just like in this review, I followed the exact steps on the box but added some bits and pieces to the mix.
  • The scones I left for what they were but I guess you could put some raisons or cranberries in them and it would taste superb!
  • I sprinkled some light brown sugar & cinnamon over the muffins just before baking to give them a bit of crunch and flavour.
  • For the brownies I added some chopped up dark chocolate to the batter and once they were baked & cooled down a bit, I decorated with some melted white chocolate.
Easy to make: YES!
Takes a lot of time: No, especially if you put the scones & muffins in at the same time.
Price: €2,49
Flavour: Very good, ofcourse it isn't the same as made from scratch but it also saves a lot of time!
Purchase again: Yes I definitely would.
Happy baking! And if you've tried this, sure let me know!


  1. Ziet er erg lekker uit!


    1. Jaa dat was het ook! En zo ontzettend snel en makkelijk gemaakt, goede back-up bakmix voor spontane high tea middagjes met vriendinnen :)

      Liefs, Daphne

  2. I want to make them and eat them now!!


    1. I don't know if it's available over in your country, but if it is you should definitely try it out! :)

      Love, Daphne


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