One of the things that are on the absolute top of my 'basic things for a home - list' are scented candles. Or anything scented that makes your house feel like a home that is. When we just moved in to our new place it felt a little bit weird, everything still smelled like paint and new furniture, and we hadn't gotten used to all the new sounds yet. At our old place, which was a tiny cottage of only 58 square meters, we loved to fragrance every room so the whole place had a subtle hint of apple/cinnamon. (which was totally our scent back then ;) At our new home, we followed the next steps :
  1. If you're living with someone, find a scent you're both comfortable with and that you feel like coming home to. For us, it was this lovely zingy orange but also herby wood-like scent that felt both masculine and feminine at the same time.
  2. We like to use a Home Perfume, it's perfect for when you've just cooked and want to get rid of any food smell, or when you have people coming over and want to freshen things up just that extra bit. Spray around the room and don't forget to lightly dust the curtains and pillows while you're at it.
  3. Invest in a nice larger candle, that you can lit and will fill up the room with the lovely scent you've picked out. Make sure it's the same one as your home perfume or one that matches it very well to keep things harmonised.
  4. Now let's play around. Depending on what season it is and mood you're in, you might want some different accents to your already basic home scent. We use a scent-chip burner (talked about it here) and tea lights to add light fruity accents like cotton, pear & red fruit during summer and warmer ones like cinnamon, vanilla & apple pie during the colder months.
It's all about having fun and building your own signature-scent that gives that feeling like, ahhh I'm home again, after a holiday or even a long day at work. I have also been checking out the candles from Diptyque online, but find it tricky to order a scent based on a description so I'm on the search for a store that sells them to have the real-life-smell-experience ;) If anyone knows, let me know!
Really hope you loved this post, I sure loved sharing my passion/obsession for all things scented with you!


  1. Wat een schitterende foto's!

    1. Dankjewel meis! De verpakking was ook tè mooi om niet op de foto vast te leggen :)


  2. leuk artikel, n huis moet inderdaad lekker ruiken.
    wat ik ook leuk vind is van die geurbranders,
    je hebt nu ook verschillende geurblokjes,
    zodat je een eigen geur kan samenstellen!

    1. Oehh bedoel je zo'n scentchip brander? We hebben er 1 sinds kort en zijn er super blij mee! En inderdaad het combineren van de verschillende waxblokjes maakt het zo leuk!!

      Liefs, Daphne

  3. Replies
    1. Hihi, ja hè! Het oog wil ook wat in huis :)

      Liefs, Daphne

  4. You are always such an inspiration!
    I prefer ZARA HOME candles. Their price is reasonable (from 9,99 euro-25,99 euro) and their scent so classy/chic/gentle!!Pure Gardenia is my favorite right now.
    Diptyque candles, all I know is that they're expensive so they must be really good!!
    Kisses sweetie


    1. Thanks so much sweetie, I've never tried Zara candles before so that's a great tip! I'm always looking for new things to add :)

      Love, Daphne

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