bomber jacket - Acne (also seen here & here) // grey knit, lace trimmed shorts & fishnet top - H&M // leather biker boots - Zara
It has been a while since I've worn my Acne bomber Pieter has given me for my birthday a few years ago, but every time I do it feels a little bit special :) Also we had a good crazy 5 minutes flying it as a kite (see first picture) and regretting not getting it on video. Ohh the fun you can have with a thin parachute fabric jacket and ALOTTA wind!!



Today marked for me, the definite end of summer. It's not really fall, with all the trees looking pretty with burgundy, orange and deep yellow leafs, but when the time comes you can no longer wear ballet flats barefoot, summer is definitely over(!) So after being very, very cold 3 times this last week caused by me being thickheaded and happily go out with converse/ballet flats/vans without socks for the day, I felt it was time for my new leather and quite rough looking biker boots (that I got in Antwerp here) to come out.
And I felt happy. And warm!



Being a great denim lover myself (I might have gotten a bit crazy lately buying 6 new pairs of jeans in 2 months, ahum..) I came in touch with the guys from jeanscentre.nl and they were letting me know all about their Denim Market days. This is a huge 10 day lasting sale they do twice a year, selling us the prettiest of denim (and others) for some very ‘hubba-hubba-prices’. Almost all the jeans are going away 2 for €100,- and some of them even 2 for €60,- (!) Participating brands are : Garcia, LTB, Wrangler, Cars, Chief and Levi’s.


I’ve picked out my personal favourites for you, which are the LTBMarle Baggy and Garcia Lynna Skinny. Two fits I think will do awesome in any closet and can be worn casual with a quality white tee, funky sneakers and some subtile bling. Or dressed up with a well-fitted blazer, a feminine blouse and a good pair of heels.

For more info check out :

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 biker jacket - Zara (also seen here) // baked tee - c.o. Follow Fashion // tube/pencil skirt - Vero Moda very // sneakers - Nike air max

This is the first time I've actually taken these pink almost platform-ish, yes they have a surprisingly thick sole, Nike's outside. Don't know why, but they're just not as versatile as I'd thought.. NONETHELESS they do know how to spice up an outfit AND make sure you can run around all day, ahhhh the comfort :)
lots of love, Daphne




Hi guys! How have you been? Had a relaxing weekend or one filled with more things to do than one can possibly fit in to 2 days ;) I'm giving you a little preview of today's outfit since I'm running late for some appointments and still have to eat dinner with the boy (sizzling hot lasagne waiting for us in the oven right now, mmm!) so I won't be able to sort the pics out and make a nice blogpost for you.

Keep an eye on the blog for the rest of this outfit, some random pics of my life lately and what I'm thinking about online-shopping for fall, later this week!

Sweet kisses, Daphne



 long knitted cardigan - Vila // double layered top - Zara // black skinny jeans & leather boots - H&M // baseball cap - Truck Brand (also seen here & here)
watch - Michael Kors (last worn on my bday right here!) 
Hello sweet peas! How are you doing today? Just wanted to show you real quick, my new long cardigan that I just luv and makes me feel very dramatic and 'in to the Matrix' all at once ;) Ordered this baby online 2 weeks ago when I was actually drooling online for this one from Acne (but nope, 300 euro's for a long knit just ain't gonna cut it right now..) and even though it might not be as fluffy -say it in a Agnes from Despicable me voice- it won't keep me from wrapping myself in it till it's bikini-weather again. Ha!
Tonight we're going to the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis  concert in Amsterdam, excited!! Still don't know what to wear though.. hmm...
Talk to you soon!



 biker jacket - Zara // plaid shirt/blouse - Mango // short turned into skirt - Zara // necklace & rings - H&M
heeled ankle boots - Zara (also seen here & here)
It's technically still summer but let's face it, it's fall.. Yesterday we spent the day in Amsterdam with our very sweet neighbours and we've had almost nothing but wind and rain. That being said, I love these transitional days where you can still go out barelegged but won't be too hot wearing a jacket or knit as well. YES, I LOVE!
Right now I'm gonna have a 'mega-closet-clean-out', making room for a new fall/winter wardrobe and keeping things organised which is key to getting dressed quickly in the morning.
Have you already made room for some new fall items? This plaid shirt is my first fall-buy by the way :)




You might have noticed this, but I'm not the girl with the beautiful long nails.(evidence seen here, here & here..) Up until I was fifteen I always had long, well manicured nails but when I turned sixteen I started to play the bass (quitted after 2 years so no career in that department ;) and it was just way more practical to keep them short and so they have been till this week, ha! 
Now seeing a lot of girls around me having gorrrgeous, jeaoulous making long nails I decided to give it a go again (even though it's quite a challenge with my job, I'm gonna give it my best.) After a long thought-train of : "should I buy these? noooo... 13 euro's a piece is quite a lot for just a base and top coat. hmmh, but what if they DO live up to all the good things being said about them?" Luckily Pieter snapped me out of it and told me to just buy them already! So here I am at the start of this new adventure, 'cause yes, that's quite what it is to me :)
Are you sporting long nails? Or keeping them practical and short like I did for a long time?
Would love to hear!



  • Going to Den Bosch always results in us sitting down at Pink Lemon, either having one of their delicious cakes or brownies, or a nice sandwich with a fresh fruitjuice. Looove!
  • Pieter's burger/sandwich at Pink Lemon. I had a delish toscana with tomato and mozzarella, mmm.
  • August was also the month I turned 28 (aaahhh, don't even dare to say it's almost 30! ;) 
  • One of the presents Pieter gave me for my birthday was this super cool design bird feeder. Let's face it, I'm gonna be stalking these cute hungry little birds from behind my kitchen window all day long! (when I'm not at work ofcourse, gotta be realistic ;)
  • Put some bird food inside, now it's waiting till the cute little feathered fellas arrive.
  • I've also tried out these L'Oreal nail art stickers and even though they were a bit of a hustle, they looked soo good!! And stayed on for quite long as well!
  • I'm always rearranging shelves and switching up decorations in our home, this is the latest version of our kitchen shelve. O yeah, and I luv these fake berry branches. They are such a great thing if you're like me and can't keep plants/flowers alive for more than 3 days ;)
  • Zoef being totally exhausted after a day of playing/running around/getting acquainted with all the new people he's meeting at my birthday party. 
  • Picked up these very cool 'cookie-stamps' at Hema the other day, can't wait to try them out! 
  • Hands down the best H&M investment ever! It's not really an investment since they were only 60 or 70 euro's (can't remember what it was exactly, but it was enough to have a quick do or don't in my head, but not that much to leave em behind) but it is the most I've ever spent on H&M shoes. (not shoes in general, remember my Acne's here? oops..) Chilling in front of the tv here, while you can already see wrinkles in the leather. To me that's just plain pretty! ha!
  • We've had this big vase for a while now, but it has been mostly having a spot on the floor. When I changed things up, I put it on our tv cabinet next to a very awesome silver hammered lamp and gotta say, I think it's looking pretty cool up there :)
  • Okay, so I just told you I am definitely not good at keeping plants/flowers alive but I got these herb pots for my birthday and Pieter has all faith in me doing a good job.So I'm giving them the right amount of sunlight, just enough water and all my love, keeping my fingers crossed that in a few weeks I'll have some home grown parsley, basil and chives.
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 white tee with rolled up sleeves - Urban Outfitters // high waist orange skirt (also seen here & here) - Zara // leather ankle boots - H&M
sunnies - Ray Ban // duotone bag - Zara // gold 'Love' necklace - MijnNaamketting
After getting home from work yesterday and just before Pieter was getting picked up to go to the gym (he goes for some fitness & squash with one of our best friends, it's a male-bonding kinda thing haha) we rushed ourselves out the door to snap some outfit-shots. I've always loved the idea of just a simple white tee, the kind of 'boyfriend tee' if you know what I mean. This summer when we went to Antwerp I picked this one up at Urban Outfitters and have found it to be a very, very versatile item in my wardrobe! Today's my day off from work, but since I'm feeling a bit under the weather it's gonna be an easy going one, taking care of myself with tea & honey, lots of water and some over-the-counter-meds. Have a lovely day sweeties!



...... Naomi from Dress your life! Congratulations sweetie, I've sent you an email so this package can get to you as soon as possible.
I want to thank everybody for entering this giveaway, it was my first one and most definitely not the last! It was so much fun sharing a bit of my birthday joy with you guys :)