I'm not sure about you, but I have never done the whole 'blind-baking' thing before. It always scared me a bit.. same with soufflĂ©'s, roasting an entire chicken and making my own macarons (ahhh maybe one day ;) But I put on my brave pants (has to be pants, no such thing as a brave skirt!) and started this recipe, Dutch version here & quite similar English version here. It actually was really easy and I felt kinda stupid being scared of it for so long, really there's nothing to it! The flavour of this tart is deep chocolaty with zingy fruity apricot below and balanced out by a very basic but with a very nice bite, crust. Perfect as an after dinner tart served with some whipped cream or good quality vanilla icecream mmm!
Don't be like me and hesitate for years to try this out, get your bum to the grocery store and start baking! AND eating this baby soon yesss!
Lots of love, Daphne



I really need your help on this one. Like many of you out there, I am in love with our DSLR-Camera and always on the lookout for new lenses and possible body-upgrades. That being said, it's an inevitable fact that carrying around your big and quite heavy love for the day, can be a bit of a hussle. The next step is only more than logical : we're getting a compact camera. BUT WICH ONE??... We own a Nikon DSLR, but I only find it more than fair to keep an open mind on this one and ask you guys for help in this department.
So please let me know :
  • Do you own a compact camera and if yes, which one?
  • Have you ever tried (or owned) one that you think is the absolute best?
  • Any other advice you can give is moooore than welcome so don't hesitate :) 
I'm really curious about all your experiences and tips!
Lots of love, Daphne



 fluffy jumper - Urban Outfitters // white tanktop, necklace & leather ankle boots - H&M // grey soft skinnies - Topshop (also seen here)
chain bag - Zara

Hi sweeties! How have you been? I've come down with a seriously badass type of stomach flu since last Sunday night and this is my first day (5 days later..) taking an attempt at sitting behind my laptop again. So yaayy, I succeeded :D hihi. Since I'm a naturally anxious kinda girl, times like these cause my brain to run overtime even more than normal, so I'd do anything to be up and running again real soon. Anyway enough about this, let's get to the outfit : How awesome is this fluffy jumper? It's like a wearable teddybear, without it being creepy ofcourse ;) Took these pics this weekend and this is one of the items I took home from the Urban Outfitters opening, so glad I did. IT'S SO FLUFFYYYYY.

Lots of love for you, Daphne




 plaid blouse, jeans & shoulder bag - Zara // heeled ankle boots - Asos (also seen here & here) // rings - H&M
This week was incredibly fun, exciting and yes, a tad bit busy. We had the Bruno Mars concert in Amsterdam on Tuesday and it was SO. COOL.!!! We had amazing seats and his voice sounded incredible, it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it again :) Wednesday I added and changed some things up in our interior, which always results in me standing in front of a shelf/cupboard/display moving things from left to right and top to bottom till I'm happy about it, which can take a while just ask Pieter haha.. Thursday we took another drive up to Amsterdam for the Urban Outfitters opening and turned it in to a day in the city again, where we did a little shopping, some eating and a lottt of walking around. We had a great day!
The rest of the week/weekend was filled with catching up with a sweet girlfriend I hadn't seen in ages, dinner and movie night with a couple of our neighbours, laundry and some grocery shopping 'cause hey, these things gotta happen as well ;) How was your past week/weekend? Did anything fun or relaxing?



So freaking cool! We finally have an Urban Outfitters store over here in Holland. Both me and Pieter have been huge fans of the one in Antwerp so it is awesome to have one in Amsterdam as well. Yesterday I was invited to come and check it out before the actual opening today (so yes, you can head out the door as we speak and go check it out @ Kalverstraat 31-33 aaahhhh ;)) and it was so much fun browsing through all the quirky books, fun gadgets and the amazing selection of clothes & shoes. Came home with 2 bags filled with cool stuff I'll show you guys later on.
Thanks for having us Urban Outfitters! Will be visiting again real soon :)




 knit, tank top & leggings - H&M // sneakers - Converse // cap - Deus // chain bag - Zara
I  for sure would have thought that with the weather getting colder and the possibility to put on more clothes/accessories increasing, I'd go all out. But it just didn't happen this week.. Instead I'm taking it slow with fall fashion as there are gonna be plenty of days to follow where it's a necessity to go all out and layer to the max.
PS.We fiiiiinally bought a new (not new new, but new to us;) car last weekend yay!!!! So excited that the search is over and we can't wait to go pick it up in a couple of days when it's ready.
PPS. Less than a week till Bruno (AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!) I've got jiggly-jigglies (yes that's a real thing!;) all over and it's gonna be awesome, just. incredibly. awesome.




small black chain bag - Zara 
It's not real leather, it's not even close to being a Chanel Boy Bag, but it's nothing short of L.O.V.E. I was in a very serious need of some new bags for fall, shoulder bags to be exactly and Zara is having an overload of very awesome looking bags/totes/clutches at the moment. Narrowed my way down to 2, a medium sized bag and this small chain blag structured one, ahhhh it's sooo prettyyy...
Gonna have some awesome bag-related dreams now, sweet dreams!





Hahaha, okay so we where kinda goofing around with this one, but how much fun is dancing on a table/bar/platform/anything you can stand on? Turn the volume up to max (or put your headphones on to keep happy neighbours ;) and dance like there's no tomorrow!

By the way, I got these heels from Asos a while ago but haven't worn them out yet, any suggestions for combining them with? I was thinking these ripped denims, my Dalmatian print blouse and maybe some burgundy lips?..

Have a great weekend guys! We're off car-shopping again, let's hope we'll find something :))




Today is World Animal Day and even though we try to give Zoef the best day every day, we're spoiling him a little bit extra today. I thought it would be nice to share with you some pictures of him when he was just a tiny little bunny, up till' now. He turned 6 last month and we're praying/hoping he's gonna be with us for at least just as long!
Let's be extra kind to all those cute little (and big) creatures around us, lay out some seeds for the birds outside, get your dog that big bone you're never letting him have, or don't clean up your garden in the name of "it's a good hiding space for hedgehogs" (win-win if you ask me ;) Or as in our case, treat your bunny with his favourite snack : BASIL!!! :)



  • Step one  of my 'let's try and grow my own kitchen herbs'. I was still very hopeful at this stage haha.
  • As I told you here, I was doing an attempt at letting my nails grow out and I was feeling verrry feminine and chic with my new (for me ;) long nails.
  • The moment one of us walks towards the garden door, Bunny get's all excited hoping he can go out an play. So this is his best 'pleeeaase papa open the door so we can go outside, pretty pretty please!' hihi.
  •  An outtake of this outfitpost. I feel very nonchalant and cool wearing a baseball cap/trucker hat but at the same time I'm always wondering if I can pull it of so I keep it to a minimum (trying to be bold and confident with everything is a work-in-progress ;)
  • Pieter's new longboard he bought from his bday-money, I've tried it a couple of times mostly indoors holding on to the couch, but I can imagine the free and relaxing feeling it gives when slightly more advanced. (Pieter is a natural at these things, iceskating, rollerblading, inline skating.. as I am most definitely NOT! haha) Maybe I'll try a drop down one like this, #nextsummerprojects.
  • When shooting this post, we spotted a huge spiderweb with a very chunky shortlegged mr.spider in it. I was trying to get it to move over here, but he didn't cave, such a character..
  • Our last couple of weekends have consisted in going out looking for a new car, which is a loooong process... and working in our backyard finishing the garden and building our shed. Thanks so much boo for coming out in your work clothes in between it all and taking the time to make photo's, mwah!!
  • Picked this up at a cooking specialty store the other day and thought the packaging was so funny, "nice try kid, but it's not for you!".
  • Trying to make pictures here but one door kept on closing everytime I let it go which scares the %^&* out of you if you don't expect it ;)) We decided to go somewhere else and when we came back the next week they fixed it somehow, strange things happen at deserted places...hihi. 
  • Zoef being super cuddly up on the couch with Pieter, he just luvvvs snuggling up close with us on a Saturday evening.
  • Yaaayyy, after a while my herbs are starting to grow!!! Can't cook a full meal with it yet, but it's a very good start :)
  • It was sooo cold and windy last Sunday making these pictures, but I rediscovered my love for flying a kite. When we lived in our previous house we had a huuge field at the back of our house. We bought this very cheap ladybug-shaped kite to take out on windy days and had so much fun running around, trying to keep it up in the air before it got tangled and crashed back down hihi. Maybe we should invest in a slightly better one and give it another go!