• Step one  of my 'let's try and grow my own kitchen herbs'. I was still very hopeful at this stage haha.
  • As I told you here, I was doing an attempt at letting my nails grow out and I was feeling verrry feminine and chic with my new (for me ;) long nails.
  • The moment one of us walks towards the garden door, Bunny get's all excited hoping he can go out an play. So this is his best 'pleeeaase papa open the door so we can go outside, pretty pretty please!' hihi.
  •  An outtake of this outfitpost. I feel very nonchalant and cool wearing a baseball cap/trucker hat but at the same time I'm always wondering if I can pull it of so I keep it to a minimum (trying to be bold and confident with everything is a work-in-progress ;)
  • Pieter's new longboard he bought from his bday-money, I've tried it a couple of times mostly indoors holding on to the couch, but I can imagine the free and relaxing feeling it gives when slightly more advanced. (Pieter is a natural at these things, iceskating, rollerblading, inline skating.. as I am most definitely NOT! haha) Maybe I'll try a drop down one like this, #nextsummerprojects.
  • When shooting this post, we spotted a huge spiderweb with a very chunky shortlegged mr.spider in it. I was trying to get it to move over here, but he didn't cave, such a character..
  • Our last couple of weekends have consisted in going out looking for a new car, which is a loooong process... and working in our backyard finishing the garden and building our shed. Thanks so much boo for coming out in your work clothes in between it all and taking the time to make photo's, mwah!!
  • Picked this up at a cooking specialty store the other day and thought the packaging was so funny, "nice try kid, but it's not for you!".
  • Trying to make pictures here but one door kept on closing everytime I let it go which scares the %^&* out of you if you don't expect it ;)) We decided to go somewhere else and when we came back the next week they fixed it somehow, strange things happen at deserted places...hihi. 
  • Zoef being super cuddly up on the couch with Pieter, he just luvvvs snuggling up close with us on a Saturday evening.
  • Yaaayyy, after a while my herbs are starting to grow!!! Can't cook a full meal with it yet, but it's a very good start :)
  • It was sooo cold and windy last Sunday making these pictures, but I rediscovered my love for flying a kite. When we lived in our previous house we had a huuge field at the back of our house. We bought this very cheap ladybug-shaped kite to take out on windy days and had so much fun running around, trying to keep it up in the air before it got tangled and crashed back down hihi. Maybe we should invest in a slightly better one and give it another go! 

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