fluffy jumper - Urban Outfitters // white tanktop, necklace & leather ankle boots - H&M // grey soft skinnies - Topshop (also seen here)
chain bag - Zara

Hi sweeties! How have you been? I've come down with a seriously badass type of stomach flu since last Sunday night and this is my first day (5 days later..) taking an attempt at sitting behind my laptop again. So yaayy, I succeeded :D hihi. Since I'm a naturally anxious kinda girl, times like these cause my brain to run overtime even more than normal, so I'd do anything to be up and running again real soon. Anyway enough about this, let's get to the outfit : How awesome is this fluffy jumper? It's like a wearable teddybear, without it being creepy ofcourse ;) Took these pics this weekend and this is one of the items I took home from the Urban Outfitters opening, so glad I did. IT'S SO FLUFFYYYYY.

Lots of love for you, Daphne


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