• When my sweet neighbour from a couple doors down the road came over for dinner & a tv-night in, we thought it'd be the perfect occasion to try out the new bakery in town and get ourselves some cupcakes. (which we then slightly abused, cutting them all in 3's so we could try all flavours ;)
  • Cheeky outtake from this outfitpost.
  • Displaying the flowers Pieter got me the other day. Okay... so somebody at his job got a whole bunch from a flower market they did some business with, but hey, I'm not complaining : flowers are flowers! 
  • I'm totally obsessed with all things under a glass bell jar and currently it's this silver little friend's turn.
  • Before the whole stomach flu thing really brake loose and it was just a case of 'feeling a bit under the weather' I was trying to keep myself fit with lots of fruit/veggies ofcourse, chicken cup-a-soup and some other helpful stuff. Wasn't enough this time though, but normally.. works like a charm ;)
  • Our crooked little cutie pie having a relax moment on the floor. We have under floor heating and he luvvvs it. 
  • As it's getting darker & colder outside and we're spending more time indoors, it's almost a 1+1 kinda thing that we like to make it more cozy and change things up interior-wise. We got this white wooden magazine rack the other week and it's so cool! We always had kind of an empty space underneath the stairs and this is just the perfect size for it, PLUS you can change it up A LOT :)
  • When we were in Amsterdam for the Urban Outfitters store opening the entire Dam Square was turned in to a fair. We always like the atmosphere of fairs and Pieter has a soft spot for cotton candy haha.
  • Had lots of fresh herb lying around and decided to make a herb-butter roll out of it. So handy and a good way to make use of your leftovers! 
  • Movienight with all of the neighbours from our block. We already saw Despicable Me 2 in the cinema but it just cracks you up every time you see it, it's the cute vs disturbing vs MINIOOONS that makes it very irresistible! Identity thief was also super funny and I can't help thinking of Gilmore Girls (Sookie ;) every time I watch something with Melissa McCarthy in it.
  • Ferris wheel in the middle of Amsterdam.
  • Housesitting a friends' house while she was on a holiday and she came to thanks us with these very cute flowers! So sweet.
  • Discovering a totally new spot in the town we used to live a couple of years ago, so funny how it used to be just a plain piece of field when we lived there and now they turned it to a nice little park where you can sit & enjoy the water.
  • Can you imagine it takes me an X-amount (I'm not gonna say how long, yes it's more than half an hour and yes it's a shame thing ;) to finally be happy about a shelf in our livingroom/kitchen? Haha.. guess we all have our curiosities ;)
  • Getting photographed while taking a photo with my iPhone fisheye lens, such a cool gadget!
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Lots of love and have a great weekend!


  1. I'm so in Love with the magazine rack!! :)


    1. Thanks sweetie, me too! Was going back and forth on it for a while now, but so glad we got out and bought it!! :)

      Kisses, Daphne

  2. Leuke foto's :) en je plankje ziet er goed uit hoor, haha ;)


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