1. MOTO Denim Parka - Topshop // 2. Double Breasted Pea Coat - Topshop // 3. Oversized Faux Fur Hooded Coat - Topshop
4. Belted Coat with Hood - Zara // 5. Checked Coat - Zara // 6. Long Combination Anorak - Zara
7. Belted Coat with Leather Sleeves  - H&M // 8. Bikerjacket - H&M // 9. Long Woolblend Coat - H&M
Lately I've been on the hunt for a new fall/winter coat. I still have a couple, but my Parka has lost it's crisp new look since it has been functioning as an all day coat keeping me warm and dry during daily bike rides to work and my two thinner coats (here & here) just don't keep me warm enough during the colder days (which I think are already here, yes I'm a mess when it actually get's really cold. I'm already stocking up on thermo underpants ;) So I have been searching the web for some potential new ones.
My favourite one so far is the Checked Coat from Zara, might have to go and try it on in the store any time soon! What are your favourites?
Kisses, Daphne 

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  1. Ik vind ze allemaal erg tof!! Zo'n fluffy echte bontjas wil ik nog wel eens in mijn kast. Ga morgen naar de vintage in Amsterdam, dus wie weeeett....


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