• We bought Zoef a soft little furry blanket of his own, especially for pets so he can be safe playing, washing, having a fight with it and just lay down and relax on it, as much as he wants.
  • Finally, after stressing out for weeks about it, I got 'round to taking my camera to the 'repair lab' (it's one of those shops you don't have a normal name for, but it's a man in a lab-coat and he knows what he's doing ;) He cleaned the mirror, lenses and fitted with the settings a bit and it as as good as new again! This is one of the testshots he makes to see if it's alright or not.
  • We also bought a new compact camera which makes amazing pictures for such a tiny little thing. This one Arnout made when he & Lianne came over for a visit.

  • Love having winterberries in a vase this time of year!
  • Our first trip away in our new car, ahhh it was such a breeze.
  • We arrived at our destination. This is the road for entering the city of Bruges, how awesome and medieval is this :)
  • The super gorgeous entry and gallery of the guestroom where we stayed during our Bruges trip.
  • It's always challenging to try and take a normal picture of the two of us. This one actually has both our faces on it, compared to all the ones where Pieter's head/eyes are not on it, or my nose and mouth, this one is a real winner! Ha!
  • Back home again and even though Zoef has been really crooked after he'd been sick for a while, he's still a happy little bunny and loves cuddling with Pieter and sit's on his shoulder with his 'I'm cute but I'm tough' little attitude. Awhhh...
  • One of those days where you wake up, remember you've bought apples the day before and the only sensible thing to do is make apple muffins with a cinnamon frosting. Happy days!
  • Here in Holland we also celebrate Sinterklaas and these where the presents freshly wrapped by moi ;) ready to be taken over to my parents' house for a presents-involved-game night.
  • Most of all November was the month Pieter proposed to me (yes, again, AAHHHH ;) and I still get butterflies looking at the ring on my finger..
  • 5 December, Sinterklaas.. 6 December CHRISTMAASSS! Here we've stalled out all our decorations out on the big table and the tree decorating can begin, ready.. set... go!
  • Also finally tried out a tea-flower, saw this all over the internet and came across one a while ago so took it home with me. It is such a cool process and the way it unfolds to a beautiful flower made go 'awhhh and oohhh' for about 10 minutes ;) O yeah, and it tastes delicious!!
  • The Christmas tree is put up on Zoef's normal hangout-spot so there's always some adapting in the first 5 minutes. We've moved his furry blanket under the table and we even think he actually likes it more this way. All' well ends well :)
  • One of the presents I really had my heart set on during out Sinterklaas-present-night with cousins and their boys, was this moustache pillow. As you can see it's coming it to very good use over here ;)
  • This weekend we started a tradition, I just know it! You know how you always read about families who have amazing weekend breakfast/brunch traditions and it sounds to good to be true? This Sunday I made American pancakes with fresh fruit, real vanilla and it was crunchy, chewy, but also light and  fluffy.. ahhh it was so good. And this will be at least a one monthly tradition, maybe even more.. (I'll put the recipe up later this week to get you guys in on all the joy!)
  • Making pictures with the Christmas tree in the background is just too good. These are the pinecones we have on our tray for decorating, but the Christmas lights in the background really do the trick.
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