The real 'wedding-craziness' hasn't begun yet, but we're slowly getting in to things. We started our online browsing for inspiration quest, visited a very, very, VERY gorgeous venue (keeping our fingers crossed for this one!) and picked out our bridesmaids & groomsmen.

We both don't want a big bridal party, so we narrowed it down to 2 bridesmaids and 2 groomsmen. Also we wanted to give them a little something, something personal, fun, just to let them know we love them and would be very honoured if they'd stand beside us in our wedding.

  • I picked out these wooden heart-shaped boxes for the girls and stamped them at home, making it sure what these gifts were about ;) For the inside I picked out a bottle of sweet but fresh scented perfume, soft pink & white gold glittery topcoat nailpolish, and to top it off a bottle of bubbly because hey, we're celebrating! 
  • Pieter went for a square type wooden case and customised them by painting a dark brown banner across with a G, standing for groomsmen ofcourse ;), left open using a letter sticker to paint over and remove afterwards. Starting with the booze he picked out a single malt scotch whiskey and for a gift he opted for a Victorinox swiss pocket knife, selecting one with tools inside the boys all would actually be able to use.
  • Then we added some pretty goldwrapped Ferrero Rocher chocolates, 'cause let's be honest.. who doesn't like a good Ferrero? Exactly :)

We we're super excited (and me, a little nervous as well hihi) to ask them for the job, but they all happily said yes and we can't wait to start this wedding planning journey with them.

Lots of love, Daphne


  1. Gaan jullie trouwen!! Ohhh, gefeliciteerd!! <3!
    Jullie zijn zo lieve mensjes, kleine zelfgemaakte kadootjes voor de bruidsmeisjes en jonkers:-).

    ik ga je volgen via bloglovin, google laat niet alles zien:-S.

  2. Super leuk! Gefeliciteerd ook :)

  3. Super vereerd dat wij je mogen helpen Daf! :-) <3 xxx

    1. En wij zijn superblij dat jullie ja hebben gezegd!!!! :D

      Love you en tot heel snel!
      Xxx Daf


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