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A little while back I was asked to check out the Zwijnenburg Mode online shop. I wasn't familiar with them yet, but after doing some research I found out they're a real family company that's already in it's third generation and goes all the way back to when it started in 1959. I say that's quite some time already! While browsing through the online shop I came across some well known brands like Supertrash, Esprit, G-star, Hugo Boss and as shown in the picture, this Maison Scotch Dress.

The site is easy to navigate, has a nice clean layout and they offer a free return policy, which I'm always a great fan of! Makes it easier to order something without thinking about the hustle/costs of sending it back or exchanging if it's not exactly what you've hoped for. Also while going through the collection I find it's not only suitable for younger peeps (yes, I still consider myself young! ;) but I would very much see myself checking this out with my mum getting her some new 'snazzy' (I'm imaging she will say snazzy at one point or another) things to wear.

I will show you guys what I've ordered later on and tell you more about the packaging/sending and everything else.

Lots of love, Daphne

-this is a sponsored post-

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