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Even though I'm working extra this week and I'm doing my best fighting a cold, it's nice to see it's already Wednesday again and we're halfway there :) What's been going on this week up till now :

  • painting our 8 year old Ikea wooden step in the colour Banana (minion voice : bananaaahh!)
  • made some fresh blueberry muffins again, it's been a while and we looove them (you could already see them on this blog here & here)
  • speaking of Ikea, we went there on a little 'no real reason, we just went cause it's fun' shopping trip with our sweet neighbour last Sunday
  • thinking (and already bought a pack of bleach/dye) about adding some blond streaks to the whole ombre/balayage hair situation I've got going on right now, still haven't done it though..

Hope you're all doing well!

Love, Daphne

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