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Hey guys! You still there? It's already the second of April and I can't believe how fast this year is going by already. We've started painting indoors again and even though
these things never go without the usual 'bumps-in-the-road', it feels good to get things done of our looong stuff we still need/want to do in and around the house -list.

Here are some photo's from this day, which really marked the beginning of spring. I'm so happy this new season has started! My body & mind are feeling a bit drained lately and these rays of sunshine and flowers popping up everywhere really bring back some energy. Welcome spring! You are so very welcome right now :)

 photo DSC_0014-9.jpg  photo DSC_0077-5.jpg  photo DSC_0048-3.jpg  photo DSC_0066-4.jpg
biker jacket - Zara // light flowy blouse with lace - H&M // polkadot jeans - Pieces via Asos // leather ankle boots - H&M // sunnies - Ray Ban


  1. Looking gorgeous, love the unusual combo! Have to work on my get things done list too. But the weather makes it zo hard :p


    1. Thanks sweetie! Yeah the weather makes you just wanna relax outside, have a Popsicle :) luckily the weather has been a bit off this weekend so we're back on track with our todo list.

      Love, Daphne


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