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Hi ya! I'm typing this post feeling a bit awkward and ashamed about not blogging for so long. It's no excuse at all, but we've been doing some very time consuming redecorating around the house lately. You know, it's one of those things where you think you're just gonna paint 1 wall and end up redoing almost the entire house. Yeah, I know right?!..

It's also been nice to focus on the small but necessary things in life, not to get all philosophical and mushy, but in a world where almost everything looks pretty & perfect on instagram/blogs/facebook etc. it can give a feeling of not fitting in and looking at your own life like it's not as glamorous as it should be. Now I know it's not the reality of it all, and blogging myself I'm also a contributor in this all. But I truly appreciate capturing beauty in a photo, having that one picture that reflects that fun moment or gorgeous lighting, I guess I'm saying it can get overwhelming sometimes. And for me, it did.

Now let's get back to blogging, writing, styling, taking pictures, sharing recipes and everything else. Because it's fun!

These are some pictures we took during our Sunday morning bike ride, it was actually supposed to rain later that afternoon but it was still extremely sunny and warm in the morning, so we hopped on our bikes and just drove around for a couple of hours. We spotted some very old plains giving air shows, buzzing bee's and lots of green and flowers everywhere.

Lots and lots of love from behind my laptop,


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  1. Wat een heerlijk jasje heb je aan!

    1. Dankjewel :) Het is eigenlijk nog een paillettenvestje van de H&M kerst collectie, maar ik vond 'em zeker ook in de lente kunnen! hihi.

      Liefs, Daphne


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