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Owh you know, just eating a rice cracker. In the sun. And apparently looking very serious while doing so ;)
If you go through the outfits here on the blog, you'll notice there's not all that much of black & white action going on. I've tried it again this last Sunday (with a little bit of color in the form of my Aztec scarf) but somehow it's just not me. I liked it! And LOVE the way it looks on others. But I just feel to 'modern, or, serious' in it.
I dunno, no logic on this part haha.

By the way, we took all these photo's just a couple of miles from our house.
I still think it's very peculiar we have a 'southern cross mill' on the side of one of the main roads that lead to our town. But it's really growing on me in a good way, like channeling my inner country-self combined with true Dutch surroundings.
Oh yeah, and the quicksand-sign (although a very serious business ofcourse!) was just way too funny not to take a picture of :)

Now for some details :

- black (p)leather biker jacket / Zara -
- white jeans with paint splatters / Zara -
- black thin knit with longer hem / Primark -
- Aztec scarf / Follow Fashion -
- leather ankle boots / H&M (in another look here) -
- aviator sunnies / Ray Ban -

 photo DSC_0035-5.jpg photo DSC_0003-5.jpg  photo DSC_0016-6.jpg  photo DSC_0032-5.jpg  photo DSC_0033-7.jpg  photo DSC_0020-11.jpg  photo DSC_0037-8.jpg

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