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Hey you!
These pictures are from a little while back when we had a couple of days and decided to spent one day in Arnhem, to do a bit of shopping. I'm gonna be honest, our spirits dropped a tiny bit when wechecked our weather app that morning, but we already planned to go, so we went. Rain, or no rain..

And it rained, all day long. Seriously not even a 5 minute break to let a bit of sunshine in, nope, it was a wet, grey day. As a bonus to this, we popped in to some stores we'd never been in before and discovered some really cool places as well. We had lunch at the Urban Chef, a very cool place that offers freshly baked bread, lots of things from local produce and the best and patient service ever! (it took me a while to make up my mind what I wanted to eat ;)  I actually took a lot more pictures (of some really cool stores as well!) with my iPhone, but I'll put those up another time.

On photo you'll see :

- Adidas store // Ketelstraat 26 -
- Humanoid // Weverstraat 14 -
- Meijer & Floor // Bakkerstraat 21 -
- Dille & Kamille // Bakkerstraat 60 -
- Urban Chef // Koningstraat 50/51 -

All in all, despite the rain, we had a great day of shopping and really enjoyed checking out some of the places we've never been before. (Meijer & Floor is just filled with awesome interior stuff that you'll ALL wanna buy ;) But Arnhem just isn't our go-to city. Next time we'll be heading back to Eindhoven or drive a little bit further and do a little Antwerp trip again.

What's your go-to city for shopping or taking a day trip?

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  1. Leuk! Ik winkel ook vaak (en graag) in Arnhem!

    xx Riƫlle

  2. Jammer dat het zo regende, maar het broodje caprese ziet er heerlijk uit. En wat een geweldige meubels!

  3. Arnhem ziet er erg leuk uit! Ik heb er zelf nog nooit gewinkeld..



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