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So I kiiinda made a promise to myself not to do any crazy sale-shopping before our annual Antwerp-solden-trip (check 'em out here) but I couldn't ignore the online Zara sale and clicked home a couple of very cute tee's and blouses.
One of them is this Dalmatian print silk blouse with a super long back hem and flowy cap-sleeves. I just couldn't resist... ;)

Only 2 weeks till our vacation, yayy!! We're not really going anywhere, but just having a little time off from work and relaxing in and around the house is gonna be a very welcome break.
Looking forward to :
  • Warm summer nights sitting outside with a fire, nice drinks and some music.
  • Getting up early, jump in the car (with the a/c on yes please;)and drive to whatever we feel like visiting that day.
  • Go to the zoo at least 1 time!
  • Go to the movies at least 1 time.
  • BBQ.
  • BBQ some more.
  • And hopefully, lots of splashing in our tiny littly ourdoor/inflatable pool. Yeahh..

Now let's be kids again and count down the days till vacation, I might actually make a little calendar so we can cross one off every night haha ;)

- Dalmatian print blouse / Zara -
- white paint splatter jeans / Zara -
- tiny necklace / H&M -
- lips / MAC pink nouveau -

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