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Good morning guys! We'd like you to meet our new French Bulldog puppy, Zoë. After waiting for what seemed to be the longest 5 weeks ever, we got to pick her up this last Thursday on Pieter's birthday and it has been a whirlwind ever since ;)

She's a very sweet, curious little explorer. Loves to meet and play with other dogs during our walks and approaches everyone with a smile and playful attitude. That playfulness she also shows towards Zoef, but he doesn't seem to care much for it yet. He runs away, stomping with his back feet telling her to leave him alone for just a bit longer, but she just wants to play so we're letting them get used to each other  one bit at a time.
That being said, the moment Zoë falls asleep, Zoef comes sneaking up to her to check out what this little ball of energy is all about. I'm guessing when the right amount of time passes, they'll be best buds in the end! (keeping my bunny-mama-fingers crossed for this, big time)

Now I'm gonna enjoy my big cup of tea and try to relax a bit. The nights are short at the moment and the days packed with playing/walking/training/and just good ol' paying attention to everything, that a moment of peace and quiet is very welcome a couple times a day :)

Can't wait to see where this adventure is taking us and that Zoë loves being a part of our tiny little family. Show her how it's done big bro Zoef!

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