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Phew... we survived the first week with our puppy. We're kinda starting to get a hang of this. I'm not gonna lie, it hasn't been all peaches and cream this past week, but we're trying to get a feel into how this all works and what to do try at what time.

She's so kind and friendly, but can also a feisty little girl at times. It's hard not to melt when she looks at 'ya with those big puppy eyes. Sigh... :)

Now about these dungarees/overalls. I bought them as a long pants version, but found myself not wearing them very often. As a matter of fact, I think I've only worn them twice since then. So at the beginning of this week I had a brave  moment, took my fabric-scissors and cut them into shorts.
Ahhhh best decision ever! Already wore them two days straight in a row and I'm pretty sure that as soon as they come out of the washing machine again, they'll come right back on again.
So glad I finally decided to cut them short (and also, veeerry weather-appropriate, ahum).

Still one week left of our vacation. Let's try and get into the relaxing/happy-go-lucky/we can, cause it's vacation -mood. Any tips for instant vacation vibes, without having to actually go away to a tropical destination?

- denim dungarees / Zara -
- strapless top / H&M (seen here in a different outfit) -
- jersey biker vest / H&M -
- sandals / Birkenstock (wore them in all black here) -
- necklace / Hema -

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    1. Hihi, ja zo klein nog! Zoef is zelfs nog ietsje groter ;) alleen issie nog wel heeeel bang voor d'r, dus dat breekt mijn bunny-mama hartje een beetje. Komt allemaal goed hopelijk!

      Fijn weekend nog meis, xx

  2. oooh your puppy is adorable!! Still in this early phase is very important some discipline, don't fall for those eyes!! ;) Wishing you a lot of patient!! ahah
    And that tattooed arm you have...beautiful, love love it! If I only got the courage to...


    1. Thanks for the kind words honey! :)

      About the tattoo, oowhh it took me over ten years to finally get enough courage to go and do it. So I totally know what you mean haha.

      Love, Daphne

  3. Super leuke outfit en de puppy zo schattig! <3



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