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Just like two years ago (here), we went to the Efteling together with my cousin and her boyfriend.
Even though it was the first weekend of October, the sun was shining at its best and we had such a lovely but most of all relaxing day!

Every time we go out on a day-trip, we plan in advance all the things we wanna see and go to. That nice little bakery, this cool shop that has all the nice scandinavian brands, owh I heard there was a pop-up store, let's check that out!
Which in the end of the day, only results in stressed out people (yup, that includes me) not really enjoying the things that we're seeing in that moment, 'cause we're all following Pieter (he's our real-life-navigation :) who is leading us to the next thing we wanna check out before it's closing time.

This also happened to us the last time here at the Efteling. Waiting lines can take up to 50 minutes (or longer..) so we rushed from one thing to the next, just so we could go on all the rides we wanted to, before the park closes.
Well not this time! We also went for this approach in Antwerp back in July and actually made an effort to just enjoy the moment. Sounds SUPER cliché right, I know, but it doesn't make it any less true. We sat down in the sun and really first noticed that beside an amusement park, it's actually also a really pretty park-park. Stunning nature, fountains and birds everywhere.

I guess what I'm saying is, to enjoy the moment more. Instead of rushing through the day not even realizing the beauty that's around us.

Have a lovely week you guys!

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