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Ohh Zara hits the nail right on the head this season! It might not come as a surprise, as I've talked about it several times here on the blog, but I'm almost always cold. Just sitting here, typing this blogpost I'm wearing multiple layers, a knitted scarf and 100 denier tights. Indoors. Where it's 22,5 degrees celsius. I know right!? That's why I clicked several big, chunky (some of them fluffy) knits home, these past few weeks.

This oversized cardigan couldn't be more perfect to me! Somehow I always tend to go for slightly oversized fashion and this fluffy number just makes you wanna wear it over and over again. Curl up on the couch to read a magazine, throw over a little black lace dress for that bit of nonchalance, or as in this case just pair it with my old pair of jeans and suuuper comfortable (I call em pocahontas;) suede booties.

- fluffy oversized mohair knit // Zara -
- stonewash  Leigh jeans // Topshop -
- basic white long sleeve // Hema -
- clubmaster sunglasses // RayBan - (also seen here when it was still summer ahh)
- suede fringe ankle boots // Maruti -

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