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After a busy week and even more so busy weekend, we took Zoë out for a nice long fall walk this Sunday morning. It's so much fun to see everything that's new for her, she get's super excited when the wind blows away a couple of fallen leafs. Or when a chestnut hits the ground.
Okay we do keep having to take things out of her mouth, cause she's still in that "I wanna try and eat everything" phase, but it's too cute to get annoyed by it ;)

We live with a lot of different animals nearby, but horses are her DEFINITE favorite. Her ears pop back and we're positive that if she'd had a longer tail she would wag it like it's nobody's business!
What can I say, she's just loves her horsies.

This Saturday we went dress-shopping for the first time. Wedding dress shopping that is.. After 3 hours of trying lots and lots of differing combinations, we called it a day and rested ourselves with the thought that "The Dress" was not to be found at the first shopping attempt. Oh well, off to round number two....

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  1. Great Pictures. That was what I meant when I was saying Autumn photos of yours!It's like falling into fall! And the spider webs, it's like a halloween scenery.No words about Zoë.
    Wish you luck in finding THE perfect dress!
    Have a nice week :))

    1. Thanks so much hun! Fall is really hitting hard over here, temperatures dropping, (a lot more rain) but also beautiful colors on all the trees and it's really getting me in the mood for cuddling up indoors with a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate :)

      How is it over there? Starting to get colder already?

      Love, Daphne

    2. Here, it's still summer!! 26-28/29 Celsius and so on with some 10 minutes breaks once a week of 20-21 C and rain.
      That's why I crave for some Autumn-y sceneries! I love Fall and I can't wait for it to come here too.

  2. Super lieve en mooie foto's!
    Liefs, Susan

  3. Oooh such cute pics!!! The picture with the doggy and the horse is adorable :)

    x Wilmke


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