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Today we're celebrating our eleventh(!) anniversary being together. My gawsh how fast things've gone. It has been just recently that it has really sunk in that we were actually just kids when we first started dating at seventeen, eighteen years old. Ofcourse no-one had to tell us what to do, we had allll the answers, to everything!
Looking back I wish some of that fearless, brave and almost overly confident attitude had stuck around a bit. Wouldn't wanna go back though, haha.

Together with it being our eleventh year together, it's also been exactly one year ago that we got engaged. I can still remember feeling extremely nervous that entire day, getting more and more so as the day turned to night. And then finally, just before midnight you got down on one knee and asked me to marry you. It was awesome, as was the excitement of telling people after we've come back from Bruges.

This past year has been a real special one. We're starting to settle in to our home (still not finished, but we're getting there), welcomed Zoƫ in to our lives which has been a roller coaster from the start but all the puppy-stress we experienced is coming back to us in unconditional love from our tiny little bat eared frenchie right now.
Seeing her play with Zoef makes me happy beyond words.
And last but not least planning our wedding. We didn't really have an idea of what we wanted, but it's slowly starting to take shape and after saying 'YES to tha dress' this past weekend, I'm actually starting to enjoy this whole process haha.

Babe, I can't wait to call you my husband and see where the next eleven years will take us. I love you.

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  1. So happy for you!!
    To the many many happy years to come, Cheers!!

  2. Echt leuk om te lezen, en ook erg leuke foto's!

  3. Cheers, to many, many more years <3 <3

  4. aaah, super schattig dit <3 wat leuk dat jullie gaan trouwen!


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