photo IMG_3809.jpg
^^Tiny dog or really big leaf.. those are the questions my friend ;)^^

 photo DSC_0135-3.jpg  photo DSC_0133-6.jpg
^^Spring preparations by planting flower bulbs in our garden. Really curious if something comes up in February,March and April..^^

 photo DSC_0067-3.jpg  photo DSC_0068-8.jpg
^^I got Pieter something nice and one of his favorite pastries after going to the shops for a bit, it's just nice to buy little things without a real occasion. Zoef liked playing with the wrapping paper and was a happy little bunny!^^

 photo IMG_3811.jpg  photo IMG_3812.jpg
^^Oh my, christmas is going on ALL OVER the garden centre and I couldn't resist getting a few little copper items. I say christmas decorating in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...^^

 photo DSC_0044-3.jpg
^^It has become very rare lately that I'm able to do a little work behind the computer and take some time to myself and work on this blog. Had a lovely afternoon the other day just sorting out some pictures and enjoying one of my favorite things for lunch.^^

 photo DSC_0061-4.jpg
^^Rearranging some things around the house, still love our tiny little cacti.^^

 photo IMG_4023.jpg  photo IMG_4025.jpg  photo IMG_4036.jpg
^^After going for my first wedding dress fitting with the seamstress, we (my 2 cousins Lianne and Janine) met up with Arnout and drove up to a little cafe/restaurant at the docks for a nice hot drink. It was COLLLD this Saturday! Some obligatory silly-faces pictures were a must ;) Also how cute are these little Sinterklaas chocolates AND Janine's nail art. YES please!^^

 photo IMG_4013.jpg
^^Highlight of the week. Zoef and Zoƫ sitting side-by-side on a chair beside me, cuddling and cleaning each other. I almost cried a tiny little happy tear :)^^

Ps. I hope you guys like the Sunday Select posts are coming back again. Have been thinking about reintroducing them for a while now, always loved doing them and it's such a nice way to keep a visual diary of all things going on!

Check out the all previous Sunday Select posts right here!

Lots of love, Daphne

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