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These past few months have gone by like crazy! All of a sudden it was December and Christmas preparations were the next thing on the agenda. Here's what our holiday month looked like :

  • Posing with ZoĆ« (who is getting heavy btw!;) in front of the christmas tree, wearing my brand new ugly christmas sweater. I love it!
  • Gift wrapping results after a couple of hours playing around with wrapping paper, ribbons, glitter, greenery, rope and lots more. 
  • Doing some last minute shopping in Nijmegen. Luckily they had a little christmas market to cross that off our December to-do list. (watching Frozen was on that too, absolutely loved it!)



 photo DSC_0117-6.jpg

It's that time of year again to start thinking about what to cook for christmas dinner and or any holiday related dinner parties that are coming your way. One of the things I like to do is to try new recipes out before serving them on dinner parties, just to tweak anything if needed and to make sure I feel confident cooking a certain dish for multiple people.

These fruit filled apples from the oven is a dish I wanted to try out before christmas and yes, these definitely made the cut! Love that it's not a heavy dessert and can easily follow up on a maybe not so light main course. (Mash potatoes and beef roast anyone?)



 photo IMG_0891.jpg
Had such a fun day today! We celebrated Sinterklaas with friends & family, to sum it up,
  • lots of fun games,
  • tasty food,
  • lovely presents,
  • some presents we could live without ;),
  • and lots of Photo Booth evidence.. (will show you some more pictures later this week!)

For now I'm putting this one up and calling it a night. It's gonna be an early morning tomorrow so I'll better get my sleep on.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend and let me know if you've done anything holiday related!

Lots of love, Daphne