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Where last year our wedding still felt like something in the far future, right now it feels like the final touches and finetuning should be going on at full speed. Except we still have some MAJOR things to plan. We haven't found a caterer right for us yet and don't even get me started on buying wedding rings.. who knew this all?

Something that started off as a romantic pink cloud somewhat years ago, is now a full-on planning it in to detail event. Do believe it's gonna be pretty awesome though! It's getting more exciting (and a bit scary) as we get closer to our wedding date, but the preparations are starting to get more exciting as well. It's such a fun thing to plan something so big for the people you love, with the people we love most. So along with some inevitable stressful, scary, nerve-wracking couple of months that are ahead of us, comes an amazing, special and unique time which I can't wait to experience.

Here's to everyone already helping us out with everything and everyone that wants to share our special day in a few months. If by then I forget to say it, thank you. Thank you so much.

Lots of love, Daphne

PS. These are some of the pictures from our loveshoot we did with Dario. We really love his work and can't wait for our wedding pictures!

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  1. For a great caterer, google for Louis Meisen! Might be the best one I know :) good luck on all the preperations. Dont forget to enjoy ;)

    1. Thanks so much for the tip honey! Will definitely look into it. It's so nice to hear recommendations, thank you! xxx

  2. Leuke foto's en nog veel succes met de laatste dingen plannen :)
    Ik snap wel goed dat je eerst helemaal in de wolken zit en dan opeens een klap in het gezicht krijgt van hoeveel werk het allemaal kost om een bruiloft te organiseren :p

    Liefs, Susan

    1. Thanks meis! Het is inderdaad een flinke klus om het allemaal geregeld te krijgen, maar er zit gelukkig ook een groot gedeelte voorpret in :)

      Hoop dat met jou ook alles goed is!

      Liefs, Daphne


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