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I'm not sure if I've already talked about it over here on the blog, but as of this year I started my new job. (same company, totally different function though!) This requires me to spend a lot of time behind a computer screen and adding this to the time I already spend behind a screen, either it being my phone or Mac at home, it was no excessive decision to go out and look for a pair of e-glasses.

Coming in contact with Polette and their unique concept, I couldn't wait to try it out. Because they take out all the other parties between factory and customer (no wholesaler, transporter or store comes in-between) they are able to send the frames and lenses directly from the workshops.
Both their lenses and frames start at €9,99 and let's face it, this makes it very tempting to buy more than one at the same time. Girl's gotta have at least 2 pairs of glasses to go with over 20 pairs of shoes right?!. Just saying ;)

Decided to go with the more classic approach with a slight cat-eye feel to it, with these E-Joplin frames in a beautifully crafted acetate. It arrived shortly after ordering and the look and feel of these glasses will definitely not giveaway they super budget-friendly price.
They feel like a true quality product and the lenses are anti-glare and scratch-resistent. My last pair didn't have the scratch-resistent layer and we did not end up happily ever after let me tell you that!

We've already made some photo's wearing my new 'Joplins' but first of I wanted to leave you with these, showing you the glasses without having my head attached to it ;)

Lots of love, Daphne

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E-Joplin frames and lenses by Polette


  1. Hi Daf,

    Dat is way back dat ik hier gekeken heb en zo leuk om te zien dat je nog blogt. Ziet er goed uit je vorige posts ook. Nog steeds goofy gezellig :). Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe functie! Ik ga het bloggen zelf ook weer oppakken en dacht gelijk aan jou dus meteen je blog opgezocht.
    Xxx Xaaf

  2. Ziet er leuk uit! Ben benieuwd hoe die je staat.

    Liefs, Susan


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