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                    Zhongfu Daming US$1.5649 million to increase photovoltaic manufacturing!
                    Date:2021-12-30 09:43:27 Click:

                    Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network was informed that on December 16, the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission approved the filing application of Zhongfu Daming (Fujian) Logistics Co., Ltd. for the establishment of Hong Kong Zhongfu Daming Group Co., Ltd., according to the "Overseas Investment Project Recording" issued by the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission. According to the “Notice”, Zhongfu Daming (Fujian) Logistics Co., Ltd. established Hong Kong Zhongfu Daming Group Co., Ltd. as the main investor of the project. The investment location is in Hong Kong, China. The total project investment is US$1.5649 million (of which Self-owned funds of 1.5649 million US dollars), mainly used for return investment in Jiangsu Fuming Solar Energy Co., Ltd. to build photovoltaic manufacturing plants.

                    According to information on the official website of Jiangsu Fuming Solar Co., Ltd., the company was established on July 9, 2021. It is located in the One Belt One Road Smart Photoelectric Industrial Park, Xiyi High-tech Zone, Jiangsu Province. It focuses on the development of new solar photovoltaic energy and new LED light sources. Scientific research, smart manufacturing, circulation, and service are integrated, supplemented by diversified high-tech enterprises such as distributed smart power stations, smart city terminals, low-carbon light environment, contract energy management, and Optics Valley Industrial Park.

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