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                    zhongfu and Jiangsu Suqian (Siyang) signed a strategic cooperation agreement for
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                    The city has newly signed 352 industrial projects over 100 million yuan, with an agreement investment of 386.822 billion yuan; 227 contract projects and 157 registered projects; 224 projects that meet the conditions for starting construction, with an agreement investment of 125.77 billion yuan. The projects of 100 million yuan, 1 billion yuan, and 5 billion yuan respectively completed 96.4%, 139% and 220% of the annual target tasks of the "One Ten Hundred Thousand", which were 21.4, 64, and 145 percentage points ahead of schedule, respectively. In the third quarter, Suqian, Jiangsu’s large-scale project recruitment was in full swing, industry investment became more accurate, the Green Fair signed a new record, the investment atmosphere became stronger, foreign trade grew faster, foreign investment grew against the trend, and the growth rate of foreign capital utilization led the province. The upsurge of investment promotion is surging.


                    Promoting a beautiful blueprint into a vivid practice is inseparable from the project taking root and the industry blossoms and bears fruit. After the 6th Party Congress of Suqian City, the city continued to attract investment, adhere to and improve the "168" investment promotion system, continue to implement the "One Hundred Thousand Thousand" project for investment promotion, and continuously improve the "one session, one meeting" and other investment invitations. The effectiveness of the activity is to make all-out efforts and continuous breakthroughs in attracting leading, base, and platform projects to ensure the successful completion of various goals and tasks throughout the year, and to add new impetus to high-quality development.


                    "Go out" and "call" in. Beijing, Fuzhou, Xi'an, Suzhou, Changzhou, Zhangjiagang, Changsha, Wenzhou, Taizhou... Since the beginning of this year, Suqian's "investment footprint" has spread all over the country.

                    On the afternoon of November 5th, 2021 Suqian (Shanghai) Investment Environment Briefing was successfully held in Shanghai. This investment environment briefing was also a supporting activity for the Jiangsu Trading Group of the 4th China International Import Expo. A total of 20 projects were signed at the event site, with a total agreed investment of 19.6 billion yuan, including 4 foreign-funded projects and an agreed investment of US$185 million. "Since this year, we have focused on themes and forms of investment promotion at festivals, regional investment, industrial chain investment, foreign investment, etc., grasped the pace of investment promotion, and implemented a series of investment promotion activities in conjunction with cities and counties. Atmosphere." said Yang Yao, director of the Development Zone Division of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce.


                    It is necessary to "recruit" to come in, but also to "precise". Since the beginning of this year, various departments in Suqian have focused on the goal of building an advanced manufacturing base in the Yangtze River Delta, focusing on central enterprises, the world’s top 500, the top 50 industry, and leading, base, and platform chain main enterprises, clarifying the main direction of investment promotion, and continuing to attract big ones. powerful. Through deep cultivating the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and other key regions, focusing on the direction of strengthening the key industrial chains and supplementing the chain extension, we will strive to attract a number of large-scale and highly-relevant good projects to add to the development and growth of key industrial chains. The strong driving force lays a solid foundation for the city to accelerate the construction of a demonstration zone for the simultaneous integration of the "four modernizations" reforms.

                    In the first three quarters, the city signed 139 new projects over 1 billion yuan, with an agreement investment of 336.46 billion yuan; 22 projects over 5 billion yuan, with an agreement investment of 160.46 billion yuan. Among the newly signed projects, there are 296 projects that meet the positioning of 20 key industries, with an agreed investment of 331.7 billion yuan, accounting for 84.1% and 85.8% respectively. The 20 key industrial chains are gradually becoming bigger and stronger, and the industrial economy continues to improve quality and efficiency. .

                    It is necessary to "recruit" to come in, but also to "keep it". At the critical moment of implementing the spirit of the sixth party congress in the city and sprinting to the goals and tasks of the year, on the morning of October 31, Sihong County solemnly held the groundbreaking ceremony of Guanyun Interstellar Winery. The winery is located in the core liquor production area of Shuanggou Town, Sihong County, with a planned area of about 1,200 mu, with a maximum annual output of 100,000 tons of high-quality liquor, and fully automated production. The project is planned to be completed in 2-3 years, and the first workshop will be put into operation in December 2021.


                    High-quality assistance services are inseparable from the transformation of the project. Suqian focuses on service assistants, makes every effort to improve project transformation, and urges all localities to regularly "look back", keep an eye on newly contracted projects that have not reached the starting conditions, and newly contracted projects that have not yet been converted, and further strengthen project tracking assistance, and keep a close eye on time nodes. Promote the transformation and implementation of the project as soon as possible.

                    "In the next step, we will focus on the major investment promotion plan determined at the beginning of the year to ensure the successful completion of the ten-hundred-thousand-thousand goal." The relevant person in charge of the Suqian Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that on the one hand, we will vigorously attract strong chain supplementary projects around 20 key industrial chains. Provide continuous project support for the steady growth of industrial investment. On the other hand, it focuses on the goal of "striving to exceed 1 billion US dollars in actual use of foreign capital and ensuring that the growth rate is the first in the province" to make more contributions to the province.

                    Source: Suqian Daily

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